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Conscious Breathing

“Being aware of your breath forces you into the present moment – the key to all inner transformation. Whenever you are conscious of the breath, you are absolutely present. You may also notice that you cannot think and be aware of your breathing. Conscious breathing stops your mind.”

Eckart Tolle

Understanding Blame

I’d like to visit the action of blame. After many years of my own personal journey to know myself, I’ve just recently seen the depth of where and how I have blamed something or someone outside of myself in order to take away my pain, anger, resentment, upset, frustration.

Somehow the lights just went on, showing me how the behavior of blame never is the solution to the problem.

Here’s a quote from Wayne Dyer that I think nails it!

“All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him/her, it will not change you. The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off you when you are looking for external reasons to explain your unhappiness or frustration. You may succeed in making another feel guilty about something by blaming him/her, but you won’t succeed in changing whatever it is about you that is making you unhappy.” 

Watchdogs of the Lake

In May of 2017, Kris and I set out on a 4 month trip in our Northstar truck camper up to Alaska. I did quite a bit of writing on that trip, and this particular piece comes to my mind often when I think about our trip. I wrote it the very first night, the beginning of our 4-month trip.

Have you ever thought about or maybe even heard the barking watchdogs of geese on a lake?   Last night we arrived at a breathtaking camping spot at Saratogo Lake, Wyoming.   It’s located about 30 miles south of Sinclair, tucked way back in the sprawling open fields and located on a serene lake. We camped right on the lake, where the shore is highlighted by flowing grasses and reeds, leading into the vast blue water of the lake teeming with various species of birds.  This area was developed in 1992 as a sanctuary for birds and wildlife.   The magnificent music of the birds singing all evening and again in the morning and afternoon was a delight.  I’d say for me that one very soothing and enjoyable thing I’ve loved my whole life is to hear birds.   I’ve memories of birds in the trees in the area where I grew up, but over the years the open land was developed into housing tracts along with DDT and the birds and butterflies disappeared.  It’s nice to find places where birds are abundant and grace us with their symphonies. 

Why did I ask if you had ever heard the watchdogs of the lake?  Because last evening, as we strolled the lakeshore we spotted two geese also basking in the grasses along the lake.  When they saw and heard us coming close, they started honking, flew into the water and for at least 10 minutes they continued to honk, (which sounds like barking) until we were far away from them.   Had me think that these geese were on alert, like the dogs in our neighborhood who bark and protect their area when the see or smell something foreign.  So I labeled these geese as “the watchdogs of the lake”.  

Starting 2020

I’ve decided to post something on our blog site most days in 2020. Notice I didn’t say commit to every day because that might not be what I do. My goal is to post inspiration. Maybe in the form of what comes to me and maybe in the form of posting other inspirational quotes or information about breathwork. Or, I may even post some of my writings that I have done while we have been traveling over the last 5 years in our camper. So here goes, my first writing of the new decade!

I like to listen to “The Moth” on Pandora when I take my walks in the morning. As I listened, this one speaker said these words within her presentation,”‘progress, not perfection”. It seemed to be the exact thing I needed to hear today, Dec. 31, 2019, to guide me through my life journey in 2020 and beyond.

How often have I heard from so many friends and teachers, and even talking to myself, that there is no “perfect” way. No perfect way to be a person, no perfect way to show up, no perfect way to do something, no perfect way to be.

I’m ready to take this burden off my shoulders. My spiritual desire it to find peace within. On every level, materially and spiritual, I just had one of those ‘aha’ moments this morning where it landed deep – the journey is about progress. Keep going, never give up, do the best you can, don’t try to do everything right. I’m ready to relax the effort – yet give fully of myself in my endeavors and not seek any longer to reach some place that I have called ‘perfection’.

What might “progress, not perfection” mean to you.

Until the next writing, be well and remember to take a few moments during the day to breath deeply and allow yourself to relax.