Darrin Zeer


Your Breath Can Heal You!

Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation is a simple dynamic breathing meditation which helps heal you physically, emotionally, mentally, and allows a deeper connection with your true Being.

Your breath is the bridge between body, mind and spirit. Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation connects you more strongly with your life force, which promotes healing on the cellular level. It is a powerful modality for transformational work. Each session takes you on a healing journey within yourself that can result in:

  • Massive stress relief and deep relaxation
  • Profound peace of mind, joy and love
  • Deep healing of wounds, grief and traumas
  • Release of obstacles on the physical, emotional and mental levels. You become freer of behavioral patterns and habits.
  • More awareness and greater mental clarity resulting in increased creativity and productivity
  • More love and fulfillment, which results in greater self-esteem and allows relationship healing between partners, family and friends
  • A deeper connection with your nature from which all positive change flows
  • Opening to true transformational energy
  • Enhanced ability to be present in the moment
  • More abundance of health, wealth and happiness in your life

Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation also complements and enhances bodywork, chiropractic care, counseling and psychotherapy.

For more information on the benefits of this meditation and what a session looks like click here.

I’m not sure I can find the right words to express what an impact Breakthrough Breathwork has made in my life. At the urging of a close friend, I went to a private session a bit skeptical – what could “breathing” possibly do to help me cope with the challenges of dealing with my aging mother and other issues that weighed heavily on me. Was I in for a wonderful surprise! The first session was so powerful, I just had to go back for more! As of now, I’ve had 10 sessions and those closest to me have told me how my facial expressions have changed from the “stressed out” look, to relaxed and refreshed. And that is exactly how I feel. Breathing didn’t change the circumstances I’m dealing with, but certainly changed the way in which I’m handle them. I highly recommend it to everyone! You won’t regret it. Paula D., Colorado Springs, CO

“I went through 20 breathwork sessions, and faced many unpleasant memories and truths. I now feel like a new and improved person. I am more comfortable in my skin, I have more patience, tolerance, empathy, less stressed, and in general live a happier life, and feel like I can conquer anything! – Lottie Gitmed, La Jolla, CA

My experience of this work has been nothing short of phenomenal! It is, hands down, the most effective yet simple technique I have ever used to access, release and move through and beyond restrictions being caused by trauma, fear and pain. And the state of relaxation that I achieve at the end of a session is nothing that I ever imagined to be possible….I could say that I have never truly relaxed before!! – Natalia Okelberry, Healing Practitioner-Asheville, NC

“I found the Breakthrough Breathwork sessions to be the most transformative healing work I have ever experienced. Under loving sensitive guidance I was able to let go of deep-seated emotional pain. My whole body then became energized, and I felt powerfully connected in love and ecstasy.” – Beth Tanzer Seminar Leader-California