Breathwork and the Subconscious


There is a powerful use of the breath, which contributes more specifically to the healing of the emotional body. This method enables a person to release the locked up emotional traumas that have been repressed by us, so that they stop influencing us from an unconscious level of our awareness.

Breathwork is a very effective method of opening our awareness to the many influences that have been hidden from our normal consciousness. Much of our decision making happens in an instant. What most people don’t realize is that the output of information for that snap decision has gone through the unconscious supercomputer before offering up its result. If the unconscious software is infected with a virus of deep emotional trauma, conflicted emotion and emotions we are in denial about, the decisions can be self-destructive, limiting and contribute to a cycle of creating more pain.

This process allows for the personal exploration into the unconscious emotional software and energies that are influencing you in ways that undermine your full potential.

Even if no deep emotional experiences stand out in your awareness because they are made invisible by the veiling power of denial, they do exist. They have to be taken out of the darkness of your unconscious mind and emotional matrix and brought into your awareness, so you can release the pain and understand the causes of how this pain was influencing your life from that hidden place inside.

Using one’s own breath in a guided and controlled rhythm begins the process where a person begins to slow down the incessant chatter of the mind with its ceaseless array of thoughts.

In this amazing process of guided breathing, you begin to become aware of your total presence. You are triggered into being fully alert, alive, aware of your body, feelings and senses. You are conscious of the total physicality of your being as well as levels of emotion and feelings that can no longer be locked in or repressed, they now demand a release. And the release happens. Naturally and deeply, on a physical and cellular level.

After the completion of the breath cycle, the body rests, and a feeling of deep relaxation and peace is experienced.. A sense of being at-one with oneself, with one’s life and with the world at large. This is the state of no worry, and no thought, full of peace and serenity and unlimited potential. We rest in the expanded inner space that reflects a harmony of mind, body and spirit.