Practitioner Training Programs

Level 1 Training

Your 10 sessions can bring about profound personal transformation assisted by expert coaching. It includes the training to be able to take yourself through a full session of Breakthrough Breathwork on your own. A powerful tool that you can then use any time for the rest of your life.

This Level 1 Training is a prerequisite to the Level 2 Practitioner Training.

FEE: $1,200

Level 2 Training – Part 1  

Completion of 10 sessions of Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation. This can be a one-week intensive program or customized to suit your schedule.

  • 10 Individual sessions
  • Practice session on your trainer with feedback
  • Practice sessions with others with observation and feedback from your trainer
  • Instructions on all aspects of Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation. Topics include and are not limited to: Guidelines for giving sessions, ethics and standards as a practitioner, physical and emotional healing, healing trauma including birth trauma, breathwork and pregnancy, spiritual transformation, breath suspension, breath analysis, how to start and grow your breathwork business.


  • Study from a suggested reading list with discussion of your questions
  • Receiving Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation playlists
  • Assisting your trainer in Breathworkshops where possible
  • After completing Level 2-part 1, you will be eligible for Level 2-part, 2, which includes your practicum

FEE: $2,300

Level 2 Training – Part 2

Part 2 completion requires 50 sessions which can take roughly 6 months to complete. This training includes the following components:

1. Practicum

  • Supervised practical application of Breathwork sessions.  During this practicum you will be giving a minimum of 50 sessions (or a customized plan for your circumstance) within the year program.
  • Receive one-on-one support from either Kris or Savanna after your sessions.
  • Support for personal transformation
    Become an increasingly effective practitioner
    Develop qualities of true care, humility, strength, and listening
    Practice expanding your capacity to love and hold people in your heart
    Facilitate sessions from being connected to your Self and Source
    Balance the quality of your life with the business of Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation. By taking care of yourself you can expand your capacity to take care of others.


2.  Business Coaching

  • Achieve success in building your client base and your business.
  • Be accountable for your marketing and action plans to strategically expand your business.
  • Setting up a professional business environment for your sessions.
  • Receive information and inspiration from other practitioners.

3.  Ongoing training

  • In the practice and knowledge of Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation.
  • To be kept updated with the evolution and expansion of Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation.
  • To learn how to support and follow up with your clients through their transformation, which will help to keep your clients satisfied-building client retention.
  • Strategic business planning to take your practice to the next level of success.
  • To learn how to take clients through a series of 10 sessions.

Monthly and weekly coaching calls

  • Two 45-minute individual coaching calls per month with either Kris or Savanna
  • Time to discuss what’s on your mind and to answer your questions

Additional Program offerings and requirements

  • Your name, contact information and location listed on the website as a Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation Practitioner.
  • Use of the Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation name, logo and accredited written material.
  • An open invitation to assist Kris and Savanna at workshops
  • Kris and Savanna are available through email for questions at any time.
  • After completing the 6 months Level 2 Coaching and Training Program, Kris and Savanna will determine if you are ready for full certification as a Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation Practitioner.

FEES: Monthly fee $300