Upcoming events:

Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation Workshop on Sunday, November 6th from 10am-1pm at 5th Generation Pilates Studio, 1145 Tunnel Rd Suite 1, Asheville, NC 28805. The cost is $55.

Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation Workshop on Saturday, December 3rd from 1pm-4pm at Magictown Movement Studio, 115 Blannahassett Island Rd #208, Marshall, NC 28753. The cost is $55.

You can also register by giving us a call at 719 200-2929

Benefits of Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation:

  • Profound relaxation to release stress, anxiety, and pent-up emotions
  • Heal physical pain and past trauma
  • Open up to more self-love
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Expand your lungs to breathe more freely


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“My work with Breakthrough Breakthwork has been extremely powerful for me and I encourage others to check this out. Not only is the practice itself an extremely effective modality for healing and connecting to who we really are, but Kris and Savanna are phenomenal masters at supporting people in a safe and encouraging and heart-opening way to get the most out of the practice.”
– Michele Campbell, Executive Director, Colorado Springs, CO