Release Form

Informed consent, Agreement Not to Sue, and Release of Liability

Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation offered by Kris Cassidy and/or Savanna Cassidy is a dynamic breath and healing technique involving breath work and other physical modalities including healing touch, massage and spiritual coaching to guide the individual within and to facilitate physical and emotional release which may lead to desired healing. Like other dynamic techniques, Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation has the potential to profoundly alter aspects of your life – physical, emotional, and spiritual. And as with any kind of dynamic physical work such as this, there may be inherent risks.

In Breakthrough Breathwork the process can be extremely active. It may include physical movement and emotional release. In the process of Breakthrough Breathwork one may confront deep emotional issues or traumas. It is designed for healthy people who want to open up and expand their awareness. Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation sessions or classes are not a substitute for physical or psychological therapy. If you have physical conditions (such as a heart condition, stroke, epilepsy, or other serious conditions) or psychological conditions or symptoms or experience any such symptoms during a session or are under the care of a physician or mental health practitioner you should consult the appropriate professional prior to undertaking or continuing this work.

Kris Cassidy and/or Savanna Cassidy make no express or implied warranty with respect to Breakthrough Breathwork. Each person must undertake Breakthrough Breathwork with conscious awareness and assumption of risk.

Agreement of Participant

I, the undersigned, understand and agree that at all times my undertaking Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation sessions or classes is for the purpose of personal transformation, and is entirely voluntary on my part. I understand that it is my sole responsibility to look out for my physical and mental health and well-being and that I am at all times free to terminate a session or class for any reason. I further agree that if I choose to participate in Breakthrough Breathwork sessions or classes then my participation in this work is with the knowledge and understanding that my participation and undertaking of Breakthrough Breathwork is at my own risk, which I willingly assume. As a condition of participation, I agree on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, and assignees, to release Kris Cassidy and/or Savanna Cassidy and all their employees, and staff from all claims or liability arising from my participation. I further promise, covenant, warrant and agree that I will not commence any action against Kris Cassidy and/or Savanna Cassidy or their employees, and staff for any reason whatsoever.

I further agree that should a dispute arise between the undersigned and Kris Cassidy and/or Savanna Cassidy that I, the undersigned, will endeavor in good faith to resolve any such dispute first in mediation with a neutral mediator and only then in the event such mediation shall fail to resolve the disputed matter then I agree that such dispute shall be submitted to final and binding arbitration in lieu of proceeding before a state or federal agency or court of law. Arbitration should it be necessary will take place in the North Carolina, and shall be conducted by an arbitrator (or three arbitrators if the parties mutually agree or if required by the American Arbitration Association) from a panel of arbitrators selected from the American Arbitration Association.

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