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What is Conscious Energy Breathing?

Conscious energy breathing is an art and a science. It has been called spiritual breathing, intuitive breathing, and rebirthing breathwork.

It also has been called a biological experience of God. It is very simple and easy to do, especially in the presence of a well-trained breathing guide. When we connect the inhale with the exhale, we are experiencing the duality of the inhale and the exhale in unity. When we experience merging of the inner breath with the outer breath, we are experiencing another duality in unity. It is this unity that is the biological experience of God, infinite being, or sometimes-called divine energy. This is the essence of life itself. This essence is also the space between our thoughts. It is nearer to us than our very breath, and it is the source of the breath of life.

Many atheists and agnostics have learned conscious energy breathing. The surprising thing is some of them said,” I still donʼt believe in God, but I experienced God and the oneness of the universe”. Others have said, “I am no longer an atheist”.

The breath is the bridge between the invisible and the visible. If we stop breathing we will become invisible. Breathing is the basic source of human life and health. The simple act of connected breathing is mystical and magical. It can be very powerful and healing. Breathing is relaxing. Relaxation is the absence of disease – of not being relaxed. Conscious connected energy breathing is the basic cure for the most popular disease, which is the stress and tension of everyday living.

Leonard Orr

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