What are the physical benefits of

Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation?

How can it help my breathing?

One of the questions people frequently ask us is: What are the physical benefits of Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation and how can it help my breathing?

Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation opens up your whole breathing mechanism permanently by releasing tension and blocks that may even have arisen with the traumatic first breath at birth. 

The result is more expansion of the chest and lungs for a more open breath, which   helps respiratory illnesses such as asthma as well as increasing sports performance. 

This expansion in turn results in more oxygenation of your system.  It is medically proven that cells lacking in oxygen, anaerobic cells, are prone to all kinds of disease including cancer and heart disease.  Whereas cells with enough oxygen strengthen the immune system, and give rise to a feeling of greater aliveness and vitality. 

With full healthy breathing our body is designed to expel 70% of its toxins through our breath. However, as most people sub-ventilate, breathing to only a third of our capacity, we are not detoxifying nearly as well as we could. As Dr. Andrew Weil says:  “Improper Breathing is a common cause of ill health.”

Many people have been helped with numerous other physical ailments such as chronic pain fibromyalgia, migraines and insomnia. And of course Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation addresses the psychosomatic component of any condition by allowing the release of repressed emotions and past traumas including abuse and abandonment. With Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation you are activating your own healing energy, your life force.