Quotes from the 2012 global Breathwork Telesummit

The highly inspirational (and, yes, I choose that work deliberately!) Breathwork Summit took place in 2012. It was a big coming out for Breathwork worldwide with most of the top authorities presenting.  A fascinating exploration of Breathwork from a myriad of perspectives.

Here are some quotes from the Summit:

“Breathing is one of the fastest ways of shifting your consciousness that I have ever found.” Gay Hendricks

‘Conscious breath becomes a refuge and a vehicle for living from a place of power, integration and wisdom.’
‘Attention to breath brings kind attention, loving awareness and reality of the present moment.’
Jack Kornfield.

‘When you take a full conscious breath you light up all 3 areas of the brain…you can experience the present moment without defensiveness.’
‘Breath is our greatest nutrient and our greatest medicine.’ Jessica Dibbs

‘Breath is an essential part of transformative practice that leads to health’. ‘
‘Conscious Breath improves heart rate variability which aids in reducing stress and trauma’
‘Bringing awareness to the breath brings amazing transformative possibility. With awareness you can intentionally modulate it or let it be. You play with the boundaries of being active or letting go. It trains the mind to let something be or take an active role.’
Dan Siegel