Conscious Energy Breathing and Self-Healing

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Conscious Energy Breathing and Self Healing
by Leonard Orr
Conscious energy breathing is an art and a science. It has been called spiritual breathing, intuitive breathing, and rebirthing breathwork.
It also has been called a biological experience of God. It is very simple and easy to do, especially in the presence of a well-trained breathing guide. When we connect the inhale with the exhale, we are experiencing the duality of the inhale and the exhale in unity. When we experience merging of the inner breath with the outer breath, we are experiencing another duality in unity. It is this unity that is the biological experience of God, infinite being, or sometimes-called divine energy. This is the essence of life itself. This essence is also the space between our thoughts. It is nearer to us than our very breath, and it is the source of the breath of life.                                                                                         …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Many atheists and agnostics have learned that conscious energy breathing. The surprising thing is some of them said,” I still donʼt believe in God, but I experienced God and the oneness of the universe”. Others have said, “I am no longer an atheist”.
The breath is the bridge between the invisible and the visible. If we stop breathing we will become invisible. Breathing is the basic source of human life and health. The simple act of connected breathing is mystical and magical. It can be very powerful and healing. Breathing is relaxing. Relaxation is the absence of disease – of not being relaxed. Conscious connected energy breathing is the basic cure for the most popular disease, which is the stress and tension of everyday living.
Conscious connected energy breathing is an ability anyone can learn. Most people can learn it in at least ten two-hour sessions with a good, loving, and intuitive guide. It is so simple that many people have tried to teach themselves. This is a free world and everyone is welcome to try. Most if not all people get stuck, fall asleep, or space out. Some people experience the symptoms of the hyperventilation syndrome and become afraid. Completed energy cycles are important.
Those of us who have learned conscious energy breathing notice that having an objective external breathing guide is the best and most responsible way to learn this valuable skill. A breathing guide is a person who has had at least ten sessions and has received enough training to feel confident in guiding sessions for others. Most likely the breathing guide has taken many people safely through ten sessions already.
Learning conscious breathing is the safest thing we can do. And most people who learn it say it is the most valuable thing they ever learned, comparable with learning to think for themselves. Everyone can learn it. Thinking and breathing are basic.
Since most people have inhibited breathing, a certain percentage of people learning conscious energy breathing experience some of the symptoms of the hyperventilation
syndrome. Even the best breathing teachers cannot prevent this. It seems to be a natural process of learning to breath energy as well as air. Everyone who has not learned conscious energy breathing already does have inhibited breathing, even expert athletes. Learning conscious energy breathing is a wonderful surprise.
The symptoms of hyperventilation are: dizziness, tingling and vibrating sensations, high spiritual states, religious visions, tetany, over breathing, coldness or sweating, fear, energy streaming, difficulty breathing, memories – including body memories of pain, relaxation, bliss, extreme pleasurable feelings, unity with God and the universe, breathing fully and freely, and a very interesting experience. No matter what happens in the early sessions, they end usually in one to two hours in relaxation and peace. When we learn this breathing rhythm, all sessions produce peace and good feelings. When people have inhibited breathing when they start conscious energy breathing sessions and do have some of the above sensations, the sensations usually cease by ten sessions and are easily managed after one to three sessions.
No one knows what you will experience during your first session. What we do know is that over ten million people all over the globe have experienced ten sessions and are very glad they did. Breathing is totally harmless, but the mind is not. The human mind is the most dangerous thing on earth. Breathing and relaxation makes it easier to master our minds.
Breathing induces relaxation and health and helps with all mental and physical illnesses. However, some people are controlled by their minds, instead of relaxed breathing, at least until we have mastered this wonderful conscious energy breathing ability. Obviously, breathing guides cannot control their clientsʼ behavior between sessions. When we have mastered this simple ability, we can find comfort, inspiration, peace, relaxation, and creative worthwhile solutions for all kinds of situations as a result of daily practicing the breathing. Conscious energy breathing has been found to raise I.Q. And improve our relationships with everyone. It generates creativity.
It is beneficial to realize that no one can control what you might experience during our sessions, not the breather nor the breathing guide. But if we continue breathing, all the above symptoms come and go usually within a few minutes during a normal session of one and a half hours. An indescribable peace and beautiful relaxation occurs at the end of the session. There may be some discomfort in some early sessions until we trust our breathing. However, the peace and good feelings at the end of the session make the discomfort seem insignificant. This is true for everyone. Some people feel exhausted or amazed after a session. Some people like some time to rest and integrate the amazing and powerful session they just experienced. For most people, a conscious energy breathing session is a pleasant and wonderful surprise. The more we do, the
more pleasurable it becomes and the more we love it. Soon we become a master breather of energy as well as air. This is the worthwhile goal of the first ten sessions.
The breathing guide can make the session easier, but cannot prevent or control what you might experience. And we know that when you continue breathing until the end of the breathing energy cycle, you will feel calm and relaxed. The work of the breathing guide is to guide your breathing rhythm in a gentle connected rhythm until you have a completed energy cycle. Energy cycles usually take one to two hours.
If God is the source of the breath, it is normal that when we are doing the proper connected breathing rhythm, that God or Spirit will move in our body and clean and nourish our bodies with fresh life energy. This is amazing.
One of the main goals of the first ten sessions is to get past the physical sensations and emotional drama into the rich feelings of divine energy and bliss. Some of the early sessions may have some difficulty, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Even difficult sessions are easier than going to a dentist.
The thing that most amazes me and everyone who does ten sessions with a well- trained and experienced breathing guide, is how much we can accomplish in just ten sessions in regards to relaxation, wellbeing, and self-healing. Although people heal all kinds of things during ten sessions, breathing guides donʼt promise anything, because the mind – body relationship is often a mystery. Most diseases are created by our minds and lifestyles. Breathing gives our body more oxygen and relaxation, but we usually cannot predict what relaxation will do for the mind and what might heal. Healing may not be because of the breathing, but the way relaxation changes our mind – body relationship.
Everyone would like one ability or technique or medicine or herb or food to heal everything, but we all require many things for our healing process. We donʼt usually know which one will work until we experiment. The spiritual purification system with mind – changing our thoughts, air – breathing, water – daily bathing, earth – good diet and exercise, fire – using the healing and spiritual power of fire, and loving relationships is perhaps the best healing system ever designed. It seems to be one designed by our creator. Conscious energy breathing is one essential aspect of this healing system. When we master this ability, we can receive the benefit.
Conscious breathing and birth
We learn to breath air at birth, before we were a water animal in the womb for nine months. Many people had a difficult birth or even in a normal birth, our breathing can experience some stress or trauma, while we are getting the amniotic fluids out of our breathing passages and the air in. One of the ways we can know that we had birth trauma is if we have colds. People who learn conscious breathing and practice it for a
year or two, usually report that the common cold has become a thing of the past. This indicates that birth trauma is the basic cause of the common cold and that learning conscious breathing has consciously or unconsciously healed this birth trauma cause. ” Breathing guides see so much birth trauma in their clients, as they are learning to breathe, that we encourage childbirth education and gentle birthing practices. It is possible to eliminate many kinds of birth trauma with intelligent childbirth education.
Breathing and psychotherapy
Most breathing guides are not psychotherapists. However, thousands of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and healers of all kinds have become breathing teachers and use it in their healing work. Breathing guides do teach basic self-improvement principles which we can use to process our thoughts. We have over 50,000 thoughts per day. No therapist can keep up with our thoughts. Therefore, we all have to learn how to manage our own thoughts. One of the most basic techniques is called working with affirmations with the emotional response technique. Everyone can improve the quality of their thoughts and feelings. Reading good books, listening to audio recordings, and attending lectures or workshops, is a good way to learn new things and bring beneficial changes into our lives. Journaling our thoughts and feelings is also a very powerful self- improvement technique.
” The mind and the breath are the king and queen of human consciousness. We always have to improve the content of our thoughts. We all can learn to think and breathe from the source of the mind and the breath. Even though we have a breathing guide teaching us how to breathe, we still have to learn how to breathe from the breath itself. This is one of the most wonderful and amazing gifts that life has to offer.
” People who have learned conscious energy breathing often report that it was the most valuable thing they ever learned. And people who use the breathing in their bathtub, sometimes with a snorkel often report that this practice is the most valuable self-healing skill they ever learned.