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Been on Vacation-sort of!

Well, it’s been a while since sitting down in front of my computer to write. I did take a vacation, however, and then forgot to get back into my daily writing. Good thing I didn’t make a commitment to write every day in case this would happen.

In February we traveled to a place called Yelapa, Mexico. A flight to Puerto Vallarta and then a 45 boat taxi ride to this small bay/cove along the coast of Mexico right up against the jungle. What a place to vacation-if you like being secluded from city life, crowds, and cars. Walking everywhere on cobblestone walkways about 20′ from the beach. Getting to experience a genuine Mexican village and how people live there. Until about 20 years ago there was no running water or electricity. We had a wonderful, relaxing, meditative time for 9 days.

Life for the world has change dramatically since then due to the Covid-19 and the worldwide shutdown. Where now we get to experience another adventure (and even possibly label it as a staycation in our homes). We all get to figure out how to weather this storm. I’m catching up some things – like getting paperwork and files in order, taking care of taxes, cleaning the garage and rearranging cabinets in the house. Gratefully we have a growing dome and vegetable garden so we get to play in the garden. We live outside the main city, bumped up right against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains so we have the opportunity to go out and hike. I like to just put on my shoes and go for a couple mile walk just around my neighborhood. Fun things to do-play games, watch movies and bing some favorite shows, work on puzzles, give each other a massage, write letters or call friends that I’ve wanted to for so long, take naps, meditate more often, and I’ve even starting putting on some music that moves me and I’m dancing and exercising. Great time to get in shape.

I hope that in the midst of this worldwide situation you can find a way to make the best of what life is handing you right now. That you can find a peaceful and enjoyable time to spend your days, with yourself, your partner, your kids. It can really be a time for great bonding and a time for less busyness in your life.

Take care and I pray that we will come through this with a newfound connection to mankind-that more and more people begin to realize we are all one, we have the same hearts and the same desire to love.