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Starting 2020

I’ve decided to post something on our blog site most days in 2020. Notice I didn’t say commit to every day because that might not be what I do. My goal is to post inspiration. Maybe in the form of what comes to me and maybe in the form of posting other inspirational quotes or information about breathwork. Or, I may even post some of my writings that I have done while we have been traveling over the last 5 years in our camper. So here goes, my first writing of the new decade!

I like to listen to “The Moth” on Pandora when I take my walks in the morning. As I listened, this one speaker said these words within her presentation,”‘progress, not perfection”. It seemed to be the exact thing I needed to hear today, Dec. 31, 2019, to guide me through my life journey in 2020 and beyond.

How often have I heard from so many friends and teachers, and even talking to myself, that there is no “perfect” way. No perfect way to be a person, no perfect way to show up, no perfect way to do something, no perfect way to be.

I’m ready to take this burden off my shoulders. My spiritual desire it to find peace within. On every level, materially and spiritual, I just had one of those ‘aha’ moments this morning where it landed deep – the journey is about progress. Keep going, never give up, do the best you can, don’t try to do everything right. I’m ready to relax the effort – yet give fully of myself in my endeavors and not seek any longer to reach some place that I have called ‘perfection’.

What might “progress, not perfection” mean to you.

Until the next writing, be well and remember to take a few moments during the day to breath deeply and allow yourself to relax.