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Breathwork during a massage session

During my 2 hour massage today I set myself up to do a breathwork session for at least the first hour of the massage. I have done this before, where I let the massage therapist know that I’m going to be focused on my breathing so they can support me.

I’ve done a breathwork session a few other times during massage and love what happens. While keeping my focus on my breath, connecting breathing, I find that the therapist can go deeper into my body as I breath through what might feel uncomfortable-and as I am focused on my breathing I find that my body also naturally relaxes and opens up more to allow a deeper massage to happen.

For me, doing breathwork while getting a massage allows energy to move more easily through my body and especially when the therapist hits a spot that is tense or blocked or where I am holding on to something in my body. When I breath through the uncomfortableness of the pressure and let go of any resistance there seems to be a release of energy. Not only physically, but I experienced a few moments of letting go in the release by crying.

Breathwork, whether during a massage or just a regular session is such a wonderful way to open up, to let go of tension, to release emotions and allow our natural healing energy to work with us for deep emotional and physical healing along with connecting more deeply to our true nature.