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Breakthrough Breathwork Testimonials

Take a look at two new testimonials from our clients about their experience of 10-sessions of Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation.

From Anna Florey, Denver

I just completed  10 individual Breathwork sessions with Kris and Savanna, and I also participate in the monthly public workshops.  What can I say to do justice to the profound effects this practice has already had on my life?

Breathwork has literally changed the course of my spiritual path. I’ve been on a serious spiritual path for many years, learning many meditation practices and ways of going inside myself. All have been beneficial, and Breathwork is the penultimate in being able to consistently transform me — both in an immediate sense (changes a bad mood in a matter of minutes) to deep spiritual and emotional healing and clearing. I highly recommend Breathwork for anyone looking to bump their  spiritual practice up several levels or to anyone looking for any kind of change in life.

From Anneke Van Couvering, San Francisco

I moved and let go of so much, at a depth and at a speed that I hadn’t approached before. I have been on a path to transformation most of my life, have participated in many processes, but this breathwork is unlike any other practice I’ve experienced.

What I like the most is that the focus remains on the breath. I don’t need to think, in fact what happens is beyond the mind. I don’t need to endeavor in the way many practices require. There is no drama. It feels fairly effortless. The depth of what happens is profound. It is easy. It is magical. It is free medicine. It is deep healing. My body moves into deeper and deeper states of healing peace and relaxation. My mind becomes calm.

All just because of breathing. Breath is spirit. Spirit is love and healing. It is exquisitely profound and simple.

Please consider exploring Breakthrough Breathwork with Kris and Savanna. Priceless treasure awaits you.