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Breakthrough Breathwork has freed me from the bonds of daily life to become closer to God, from the worries of my family so I can love them unconditionally without judgement, from the hurts, anger, fear, and guilt of my childhood and of previous events in my life so that this special person (the real me) can emerge, overwhelmed with love and peace. – Sandy Kay, retired teacher, Colorado Springs, CO[/quot

The day after my first session of Breakthrough Breathwork I felt like a fog had lifted. I was able to focus on my goals with a new-found clarity and a better understanding of my motivations. Shortly after I manifested the job I wanted, which for six months I had been looking for. – Derek See, Wilderness Training Instructor,Utah

I found my love for God in loving myself. The beauty of all of this is that I can’t shake it. That love went so deep I know I won’t be able to go back to my previous unhappiness and disappointment in myself. – Kathy Kramer, Records Manager, Colorado Springs, CO

My work with Breakthrough Breakthwork has been extremely powerful for me and I encourage others to check this out. Not only is the practice itself an extremely effective modality for healing and connecting to who we really are, but Kris and Savanna are phenomenal masters at supporting people in a safe and encouraging and heart-opening way to get the most out of the practice. – Michele Campbell, Executive Director, Colorado Springs, CO

With a series of sessions I had the opportunity to peel of layers and layers of old beliefs that shaped my life. I was able to let go of trauma from childhood, from my marriage, relationships from past lives and it even took me back in utero.  Marie-Louise See, Yoga Instructor, Colorado Springs, CO