Almost anyone can reap the benefits of Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation right from your first session. The only requirements are:
1 – trust in the process
2 – to have desire and willingness to transform

First, trust in yourself that your body knows what to do and your soul is guiding you. And trust in your facilitator.

The second requirement is a desire and willingness to transform because Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation brings about positive change at the cellular level and this will affect every part of you – body mind, heart and spirit.

Aside from certain contraindications such as epilepsy, schizophrenia, stroke, heart disease, anyone can and will succeed with Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation if they fulfill the above conditions of trust, desire and willingness.

After your first session you can practice this connected breathing technique on your own for up to 5 minutes anytime to relieve stress, become calmer and center yourself.

After 10 sessions with a facilitator you will have learned enough, been through enough and have been trained to take yourself through a full Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation session of 60-90 minutes on your own.  You will then have this wonderful spiritual tool at your fingertips for life.

Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation opens up your whole breathing mechanism permanently by releasing tension and blocks that may even have arisen with the traumatic first breath at birth.

The result is more expansion of the chest and lungs for a more open breath, which helps respiratory illnesses such as asthma as well as increasing sports performance.

This expansion in turn results in more oxygenation of your system.  It is medically proven that cells lacking in oxygen, anaerobic cells, are prone to all kinds of disease including cancer and heart disease.  Whereas cells with enough oxygen strengthen the immune system, and give rise to a feeling of greater aliveness and vitality.

With full healthy breathing our body is designed to expel 70% of its toxins through our breath. However, as most people sub-ventilate, breathing to only a third of our capacity, we are not detoxifying nearly as well as we could. As Dr. Andrew Weil says:  “Improper Breathing is a common cause of ill health.”

Many clients have told me that they have difficulty with other meditation practices because they cannot sit still or their mind is too busy.

The beauty of Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation is its simplicity. All positive results are gained simply by focusing on your breath while practicing this simple dynamic breathing technique.

You won’t need to try to achieve a state of calm on top of agitation, stress, emotions and a busy mind, because these obstacles are naturally dissolved by your own healing energy – prana, life force.

You come naturally to a state of profound peace and well-being. Your breath brings you deeply within and tangibly beyond your mind, where true spirituality lies.

Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation differs from other breathing modalities in several ways, including the unique way the pace of the breathing changes throughout the session, the customized use of music to guide you, the incorporation of prayer, bodywork and energy work, and perhaps above all, the focus on divine transformational energy

This transformational energy comes directly from the Source and is available to anyone to help you heal, open up, release blocks and connect more deeply with Spirit. Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation is a potent vehicle through which you can experience this sacred energy. It’s a simple powerful tool for rapid spiritual transformation.